Thursday, January 1, 2009


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Though old, rusty, and barnacled this heavy chain is steadfast in its strength and consistency. Many times it is covered by the gulf's waters, but this morning, caught in the early sunrise, it was exposed and called out for a photo snap. Yes, I've taken a similar picture before as it is along my usual beach walk, but the unexpected turquoise blue of the surf and the stark rusty orange of the metal coupled with the barnacled textures really struck me!

Often one associates being 'chained' with the lack of freedom and nonexistent creativity, but it can also be an important foundation that can stretch well beyond the fleeting moments of impulsiveness and the fanciful fads. Beginning this new year is an opportunity to re-establish that relentless structure or touchstone which provides guidance in our rational decision making, as well as in our right-brained activities! 'Chained' can also evoke the necessary contrast to keep balance and grounding in our world.

The strength implied by chains is only as good as the interconnection between the links. Age and constant wear & tear have an impact. Broken or deteriorating links need adjustments or repair in order to carry out their function. But as long as there is one solid section keeping connections, there is still hope!

I'll take 'chained' any day!

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  1. Nicely worded! Wow!

    This could be the introduction to a book by M. Coleman.